Thursday, May 24, 2018

20 Point Annual Business Review - take a few minutes to keep your business on track

20 Point Annual Business, Bookkeeping, Marketing, Event Planning Review

Here are some items to consider each year.  This doesn’t replace advice from your attorney / tax preparer.
__1. Are there any business deposits that are NOT income? ______________________________
__2. Are there any expenses that should be booked as personal? __________________________
__3. Do you owe any estimated taxes we should remind you of during the year? _____________
__4. Are there any additional accounts, credit cards, savings, check books, etc. that we should include? ____________________________________________________________________
__5. Are there any leases, payment plans, loans we should be tracking?  Did you purchase or sell any large equipment this year This doesn’t replace advice from your attorney / tax preparer for bookkeeping guidelines.
__6. Did you file your NJ Annual Report? _________
__7. Do you have an Alternate/DBA that needs to be renewed? ________
__8. Do you have any business licenses that need to be renewed?____________
__9. Have you added any products / services that are taxable? If you’re not sure-we can check.
__10. Do you have any plans to sell or dissolve your business in the next 2 years?  Are you prepared for the related taxes, fees?  If so, let’s set up a meeting with your attorney/tax preparer.
__11. Do you have any insurance or pension plans to monitor? Let’s set an appointment with your representative.
__12. Have you reviewed/updated your company manual? What’s new in your industry?
__13. Have you had the chance to review your vendor costs, banking and credit card providers?
__14. Customer satisfaction: Have you surveyed your clients for an idea of what products/services are most popular, need revising or replacement?
__15. What are your plans for team training this year? We can help with Customer Service and Software Training or help bring in presenters from industry vendors.
__16. Is your website up to date (SEO, SEM, products/services/blog, mobile ready)?
__17. What marketing did you do last year? Expect to repeat this year?  What worked/what didn't? It’s important to set a budget for marketing/advertising that reflects a portion of sales or a set amount based on anticipated sales.  We can help get you to the right plan and budget.
__18. Are you planning any direct mail or event marketing? We can help with preparation and followup.
__19. Have you considered a 'customer appreciation' day/event/mailer/gift/handout? No budget? We can help you get creative!
__20. Are you making the most of your local Chamber of Commerce and trade/networking organizations? These are a great place to pick up new ideas, connect with business owners, find new vendors and promote your products and services.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

7 reasons postcards are a great tool.

Direct mail continues to be a great marketing tool. Here are 7 reasons we like to keep post cards in your toolbox:

Post Cards Are:

1. Cost effective
Cheaper than a letter to print and mail.

2. Easy to measure success
Add a coupon or bounce back message and collect the responses.  Better yet,  return it to your customer to reuse next time!

3. Creative top of mind
Statistics show that many clients return to a business after receiving a reminder.

4. Easy call to action
It's a quick easy way to see your message.

5. Readership extends beyond the recipient.
Nothing to open.  Everyone it passes get to see the message.

6. Compact reminder
Whether it contains a coupon or appointment reminder,  it fits anywhere from purse to pocket or bulletin board.

7. Post cards don't land in spam!
Humans still filter their mail personally.  Your message has a 90% chance of being read. Add attractive color and text to catch the viewer's eye and your message is sure to stay on top of the pile!

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Your Email Address Tells a Story

Do you email any of the companies you do business with such as your utility company, phone company, your favorite snack manufacturer?

Do any of them have an email that ends in,,, etc?

Of course not! Those are personal email carriers and very useful to keep your personal email separate from work.

You can even forward your business mail to your personal.

But if you expect to be treated professionally or taken seriously in your business....Get a domain email!

Some small biz owners make the investment in a great domain name for their website and then email me from their ''

What?! What would you think if you  received an email from
You better delete it. It surely is NOT a business email.

A simple task of creating a business email will immediately upgrade how your prospects view your business BEFORE they meet you and as your relationship with them develops.

Don't we small business owners need all the help we can get? Small changes can make a big difference.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

When You Measure You Win!

Knowledge is power.  It really is.

  • How many widgets do you need to keep on hand for sale; for use?  Once you measure what you have in inventory vs sales you'll have the basics of what you need to make a profit.
  • Know how many steps it takes to get around your office? Find a way to reduce your steps and you are on your way to being more productive.
  • How many people do you interact with before one person hires you?  If it's 10 or 100; once you measure your introductions vs your new client rate you'll know how many people you need to contact to grow your business.
  • Time for a change?  How will you know unless you can measure how long it takes to complete a project vs what you are paid.  Do you make a fair hourly or annual rate?  Measure and see!
Some creative professionals and business owners have such a passion for their work that they would almost work without pay-except for a little issue called 'cost of living.'

Love your work AND make a living by using your measuring stick.
Today, there are many online tools, apps and software to help you get this right.  If you aren't a techie-pencil and paper will do just fine.

Remember to track 'hidden' time and profit thieves.  Add up EVERY expense that you incur when performing your service or producing your product.  That means-extra consultation time, extra trips to the post office and even any added materials that you might be able to split among other products/services--but--they must be included to truly determine if your passion is producing a living.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Ask More, Earn More

Small business owners have big challenges when it comes to landing a new client.
When asked to provide a proposal for a project don't stop at answering the questions asked. 
Take a little time,  reflect on the project and consider what else you need to know. 
Ask more questions to find out where the niche might be for your business to stand out among your competitor's proposals.
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Monday, August 14, 2017

What to do when the power goes out

So,  the lights go can't charge your phone... you can borrow your friend's...but do you know anyone's number?
Can you imagine this? It can happen anytime and the professional with the 'old- fashioned' print out of their contacts [aka phone book] won't skip a beat...
Stop what you are doing right now and print out your contact list. You'll be glad you did.

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How do you define success?

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